Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston

When I signed online last night and saw the rumor that Whitney Houston had died I honestly lost my breath and said a silent prayer that this was just what I hoped it was, a rumor. Nine minutes later her rep confirmed it. I am so unbelievably sad because of this. There are two people in this world who have helped me get through things harder than any child, teen or adult should have to go though. Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. So many of their songs are tied to my happiest memories too. I have always held out hope that Whitney would be able to come back and floor her fans and slap her haters in the face with her voice again. In 2009 she proved that even though she had a serious battle with addictions and people thought she had lost her voice, she came out with a new album and I think we can all agree that "I Look To You" proved that she still had it. Unfortunately, she won't get that chance again. I sincerely hope there is some unreleased music that will be released now. Something that gets me lightheaded and emotional like "Didn't We Almost Have It All." I am confidant in saying I think her legendary voice will remembered more than the struggles in her personal life. 

Rest in peace, Whitney Houston. Wife, Mother, Daughter, Singer, Actress, Life Saver. Thank you for everything for have done for me having never met me.

"The ride with you was worth the fall, my friend..."

Sunday, February 5, 2012


It's the big day, The Giants vs The Patriots and guess who I want to win... THE STEELERS!!! Haha, Since that can't happen I suppose I'll root for The Giants. I had a stomach bug and I'm on the mend so I didn't want to risk going to my Dads for the Super Bowl like I had planned and get the kids sick. Or the adults. Since I'm still spending a lot of time in bed I decided I would stay home in case I was really uncomfortable. My Grandma who I live with was gonna throw a party but I'm not up for that. So just my Aunt and Uncle are coming over. They're here every day so they don't really count. I like to cook and bake so I decided I was going to make cupcakes (Gluten Free, of course) for the game. Someone better save me one! I made chocolate cupcakes topped with "grass" and a "football." Grass = green piped frosting and Football = A football shaped rice krispie treat dipped in chocolate. Here's a how to!