Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tis The Season For COATS!!!

Hey everyone!!! Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. I've had more than I can handle going on the past few months. Some good, some bad. But that's another day...

So here in Rochester, NY the weather is getting CHILLYYYYY!!!!! I busted out the Uggs and had to get a new coat. My awesome black pea coat that cost over $200 has threads coming out of it. WTF, right?! I guess just cuz you pay a lot doesn't mean it's made any better. So I went out shopping, with my mama, and we both got new coats. My mom does so much for me since there's a lot I can't do. She shops at second hand stores so she can have extra when I can't pay a medical bill or so I can have extra to do something fun that will let me forget about all the stuff that I can't control. So, I got her a new coat! She said to me "I've been wanting a nice pea coat for years but unfortunately they don't sell those at Goodwill."

So where did we go??? Old Navy! OMG! They have the CUTEST coats! And they're affordable! And they were all on sale too!!!

That's my Mommy holding the coat I got. I couldn't figure out which scarf I wanted.

My mom got the shorter black pea coat. And that's her REALLY having fun and smiling!

Then I tweeted about how awesome the selection at Old Navy was, along with a few pictures and a Rochester shopping twitter ReTweeted it for ALL of Rochester to see.

My original tweets

The RT from a Rochester Shopping Advice tweet.

So anyway, my mom and I had a great time shopping at Old Navy. It was nice to be able to treat her for a change :)

Here we are happy with our bags :)

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