Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sick, Femme Fatale and Doggy Modeling!

Good morning, readers! I hope you all slept better than I did. I was having nightmares all night long! I would wake up and I would be in super amounts of pain and my anxiety was going crazy. Gotta love PTSD and having back issues. Bah.

I'm still sick, unfortunately. I've been trying so hard to get better but it just isn't working. Ithink it's because we have regular tissues in the house, not the Anti-Viral kind. I swear by those. Nonny's going to the store todayand she said she'd grab some though. Along with Nyquil so I can hopefully sleep tonight.

Today the new Britney Spears album,
Femme Fatale, came out. Of course I had
pre-ordered it on iTunes weeks ago. I've had
it playing all morning. I think I like it. I know
in a couple of days I'll end up loving it, that's
usually how it works.

London, my dog, also did some modeling of her bows from BowBiz Dog Bows yesterday! I absolutely LOVE the bows from there. I'm a little obsessed. I have so many, probably 25-30. My dog dresses and accessorizes better than I do. Ya know what though? I'm ok with that, haha. Accessories for her are cheaper than accessories for me. Here are a couple pictures of her so you can see just how cute she really is, lol. The last one is my favorite.

I hope all of you have a great day. Sorry the text is all sorts of messed up on here. I don't know why it did that or how to fix it.


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