Sunday, May 8, 2011

Super Busy Weekend!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This weekend was super crazy. My life is super crazy who am I kidding? My pain has been horrible, my anxiety is horrible and I'm pissed off 90% of the time. FIX ME! So, I need Physical Therapy and Psychology and a variety or other doctors and what not's right? Right. But I have so many problems that I can't work, right? Right. Gas is $4.20 a gallon by me, right? Right. I have a money tree in my backyard, right? WRONG! I seriously can't even afford to get the fucking care I need now because of gas! It's been this way for weeks. No body seems to understand that. And I KNOW my Orthopedic won't! So I'm stressed about seeing him, I'm stressed that I don't have time or gas to go to any of my appointments like I'm supposed to and because I know my crappy insurance will be like "she's not going to her appointments so now we wont pay anything." I need some help! Something has got to give. I unfortunately can't get out of this situation on my own. UGH! HELP! I feel like I'm stuck in a downward spiral. And I need new meds for anxiety. I unfortunately am getting some scary side effects that can be related to the new pill I started. Gotta call the doc up tomorrow. Which means he'll try something new and I'll have to fight with my insurance again. It never ends. Seriously, I have the WORST car insurance ever. They're supposed to be on MY side. And ya know what would be cool? If I heard from my lawyer in the past like 3 months. I've been getting calls from bill collectors over medical bills my insurance was supposed to pay but didn't and they were supposed to take care of that. Jesus, both of these companies are supposed to be on MY side and I feel like they aren't! Hey, lawyer and insurance adjuster, if you're reading I NEED YOUR HELP! THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO! HELP WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN!!! I didn't get in this position by myself and I can't get out by myself either.

Ok, I needed to vent. That seems to be all I'm doing lately and I'm sorry. I really am. I need to get things under control but the harder I try the worse it seems to get.


I had a high school reunion Saturday! I graduated in 2005 but this was a student organized thing and it was so fun! There were people there from the class of '03 all the way up to '10! I was a little hesitant to go just because I was so crabby but I really had a fabulous time even though all the people from my "core group" of friends weren't there! I think it should be an annual thing! Bravo to the people who put it together!!!

I'm on the left with the big white purse

Drama Club Superstars!

After the reunion James and I went to my Mom's house to celebrate Mother's Day with her. We made dinner and played xbox! Then in the morning she had her traditional Mothers Day breakfast. Green eggs and blue pancakes... and bacon of course! Lol. This tradition started when I was too young to use the stove but I wanted to make my Mommy a special breakfast in bed. I made pancakes with food coloring and sprinkles and scrambled eggs with food coloring and cooked them in the microwave, lol. I can't imagine how awful it tasted but it started a tradition. Now I'm old enough to use the stove so it tastes a little bit better. Oh, and I didn't use the sprinkles, lol.

Then later today I celebrated Mothers Day with my Aunt and Grandma the only way we know how... with DRAMA! Lol. Things were pretty tense for a little bit but it calmed down and we ended up having a good night. Especially since tonight was a good episode of Desperate Housewives! I hope the police believe Susan! That poor woman has gone through so much lately!

Well it's 12:39AM so I guess I'll try to get some sleep now. Wish me luck!

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