Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Week Flew By!

I haven't even had time to update this. I've had some pretty seriously intense back pain over the past 3 weeks. I'm really ready for this to be over. I just want to be normal. The weather has been pretty nice lately so I've been fantasizing about being able to run, bike, surf, hike, play volleyball and all other fabulous things I haven't been able to do in years.

I actually walked my dog at the dog park earlier this week. Ok, well my boyfriend walked her. I focused more on making sure my knee didn't give out and trying to breathe through the back pain. Yeah, I'm a pro at lamaze and I have no kids, haha. I didn't make it even halfway to the actual park but London was happy. And even though it hurt really bad to walk the 1/8 of a mile-ish there, and hurt for days after, it was nice to do something normal. I love when London is happy. James played with her Chuck-It for like an hour. She was so pooped, lol. Maybe I should get a 4 wheeler so I can drive up and down the path, lol.

Happy with her stuff

Family Picture

Other than that I have been helping my Grandma and Aunt with Munchie. My Aunt's townhouse flooded. And they can't stay there until everything is clean and dry because it's making Munchies asthma worse. He's been stuck to me. I love it 99.8% of the time. His favorite thing is my phone. He loves going through my pictures and telling me who's in each one. He also helped me clean out my car. He washed my windows, wiped part of my dash, counted my pennies OVER AND OVER, found Chuck E. Cheese tokens and was thrilled. He even carried all the flip flops that were in my car to the step in the garage for me. He wanted to be buckled in the seatbelt so I helped him and he goes "WOW!!! Like you!" so cute! Ahh, I could eat him up.

Buckled in like the grown-ups while we cleaned

I spent some time yesterday in a tanning bed... I don't know how I got burned but I did!!! My armpit region. OW OW OW!!! The artificial rays don't usually see there. lol. Now I hurt there too! Lol. Funny tanning story, once when I was in Virginia Beach on vacation with my Aunt and cousins my Aunt told me to put sunscreen on. I never wore sunscreen, only tanning oil. So i rubbed some on my hands and slapped my back. My entire back was burned except that handprint, lol.

I slept at James's house last night and we hung out with his cousin and her fiancee. I love them. I ended up falling asleep on the couch while they were there. Yeah, you can say it, I'm a party animal, lol. Today we decided to go on a PICNIC! OMG I was so excited. I got a new blanket the other day it's half zebra and half hot pink, I call it my zebra! So we went to Wegmans and got stuff to pack up and headed to my house to get London. We made our sandwiches, packed yogurt, chips and sparkling juice (and a container of London's favorite wet food and water for her) and as we walked out the door it started to RAIN!!! So we walked London around the house for a few minutes and came back inside. We had our picnic, minus the zebra, in the dining room. Then we watched a bunch of Roseanne and snuggled on the couch. It was still fun :)

OMG! BREAKING NEWS!!!! OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS KILLED!!!!! I'm so glad. I mean, personally I think all American's should get to beat the ever loving shit out of him and let him suffer, but at least it should give some small bit of closure to the poor families of all the people he killed and hurt. To this news I say good riddance you fucking bastard. I hope you suffer every day in hell.

Today is the 3 year anniversary of my Great Grandma's death. I miss her every day. She was a great woman. R.I.P. Gram, I love you!

Gram, me and baby London

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