Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Day

James & Shannon

See that handsome face? That's my boyfriend <3
Isn't he handsome?! I love him.

I got to see James today! YAYYY!!! While the kids were in school I went over to his house and he made lunch for us. It was so good to see him! I go crazy when he's not around. And the chili was pretty good too :) He also bought me Gluten Free Ravioli so he knows I can eat while I'm nannying.

I was happy to receive warm food because here in the lovely Rochester, NY it is FREEZING!!! I woke up like 1,000 times last night cuz I was so cold. I don't know what's up with the heat in this apartment but it seems like no matter how much I turn it up it's still cold! All the rain here doesn't help I'm sure. Brrr! SUMMER!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!

One of the smoke detectors in the hallway of the apartment building is dying, it has been beeping really loud every few seconds since Monday. Why has no one fixed it yet? Maybe I'll call the office in the morning and let them know. After my appointments, of course. Stupid doctors :(

Saturday I'm getting my hair done :) So excited. I have got some awful roots! I used to be able to do it myself but it hurts my back too much for me to do it anymore. Stupid blonde and it's horrible, expensive upkeep. Luckily for me when I worked at a salon I met a girl who can give me the blonde I want. Some people just suck at blonde.

Well I'm off to read a book and try to relax... even though there's that constant beeping.

Buenos Noches!

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