Friday, April 15, 2011

Hilarious Day

Today was a really great day! That's surprising since I woke up in awful pain this morning, an hour and a half before I had to be awake! Eventually it got down to a tolerable level of pain. Can't someone invent like Percocet Lite? A pain killer just as strong but without all the side effects and the risk of dependency. I'm not at all worried about becoming addicted, I don't take them enough to have that happen. Plus I get no high from it, just pain relief. Well, and nausea, spinning, headache and vomiting. Don't see how people get addicted. But yeah, a version without all the horrible side effects would be cool so I don't have to live in constant pain. After my accident I had a shoulder injury but a chiropractor was able to take care of that with time. Now it only occasionally acts up. Holy guacamole, it's been bad for 2 days now. To the point where I can hardly shift my car. I can't lift my purse or set it down with my right arm now. My Mom had shoulder surgery scheduled for her shoulder once but my Aunt, who is a Massage Therapist, was able to fix it so she didn't need to get it. So I figured if my Mom had such a horrible problem that they were going to operate that maybe a massage would help my shoulder. Yessir! I had my boyfriend rub my shoulder and arm for a little bit and it's a little better! Yay for awesome boyfriends!

Spring Break started today for the kids I'm nannying. I'm a little nervous for a repeat of how the teenage girl acted on Sunday when she didn't have school. She behaved all week though and I held firm with my rules so I think she knows who's boss :) The 11 year old boy has been pretty awesome. I thought I would have a harder time with him than the girl. Other than Sunday it's been good. But I'm still here until next Saturday morning so there's plenty of time for that to change. *Fingers crossed that it doesn't*

Yesterday I found out Josh loves The Simpsons and Monopoly! I have a Simpsons Monopoly game! We played that for about 2 hours and we will continue tomorrow. When I walked in with that game OMG, he was SOOOO excited!!! He couldn't wait to play it after dinner.

Sara made dinner tonight. Rice and beans. Their father is Puerto Rican so they love it. Me, not so much. But Sara was so excited to have me try it so I did. It was actually pretty good. She puts potatoes in it though. I wasn't a huge fan of that but I was very impressed with what she made. While that was cooking Josh decided he wanted chicken with it. So Sara started defrosting it in the microwave... it partially cooked. Disgusting. Then she seasoned it and put it in the oven. She didn't set a time and all of us forgot all about it. Sara went in her room while Josh and I played Monopoly. 2 hours later I get up to go take a shower and I say "what smells like fried chicken?" and Josh and I run to the kitchen, Sara heard it and we all starting laughing SOOOO hard. I took it out of the oven and I seriously chipped a nail poking it. It was FRIED! So dried out and disgusting. We couldn't stop laughing. Good times.

Season, bake at 350 for about 2.5 hours

Tomorrow morning I have to wake up super early to take my 2 1/2 year old cousin, Munchie, to an Easter Egg Hunt. I absolutely love him :) My Aunt had surgery today so she wont be able to go. But him and I will have fun, we always do. My Aunts surgery went well and she is recovering comfortably.

After that I'm getting my hair done!!! YAYYY!!!!! My roots are so bad.

Well I think I'm gonna have to get ready for bed now, I have to be up in less than 8 hours so I can get ready and drive home to get Munch. I also get to see LONDON!!!! <3 my pupppy!

Buenos Noches!

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