Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting Back On Track...

As you probably could tell I had a bad day a few days ago. Unfortunately it wasn't just one. It was close to a week of emotional torture. I'm slowly getting better now, until the next time. I just hate how people seem to make things worse when I let them know I'm going through something.

Other news, I'M STILL SICK! I don't know what kind of super intense germs got in my body but I wish they would leave! It's been a week and 2 days. No matter how much Dayquil, Nyquil, OJ, Fruits, Vegetables and Flintstones Vitamins :) I take it just wont quit. I even tried baking them to death in the highest level tanning bed my tanning salon offers for the max time! Nothing is working. If anyone has an idea, feel free to share!

The other night I went to James's (my boyfriends) house. After some seriously annoying drama I had a freaking blast! We had eggplant night. We've both been craving it so we tried new recipes. Neither of them health. I have a Gluten Free recipe blog I might add the recipe to it a little later. James made fried eggplant stuffed with bruschetta. I made the bruschetta, it was delicious. So was the overall result of his idea. I cut really thin slices of eggplant and put mozzarella and a piece of basil between two slices, breaded them and fried them. So good but better with bruschetta on top :) I'm obsessed with bruschetta right now. Then I went out with his cousin, Christina, for a little girl time (shopping) while he hung out with her fiancee, Greg, for some guy time (video games). After a couple hours we all met up at Applebees for happy hour. $4 mudslides? Yes please! $2 beer for the boys? Yes again! While we were there they played Living On A Prayer. Of course Christina and I felt it completely necessary to belt out the lyrics pretty loudly. You might be thinking "wow... how obnoxious" but we weren't the only ones! Like 6 other tables did it too. It was hilarious. We're awesome. That's final, haha.

Other than that life is pretty boring. It's always some appointment or another I have to go to followed by filling out another form, doing my physical therapy exercises at home, scheduling another appointment, being in excruciating pain, the list goes on and on.

Since I'm not wealthy enough or healthy enough to go on some fancy tropical vacation I want to play Mario for the Wii... Can someone give me like 50 bucks? I have 2 wii-motes, we can play 2 player. It will make me super duper happy.

Ok, I think I'm gonna go cram some fruit in my face (I actually have some food in the house now!). It's a happy day for my tummy :)

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