Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today I watched my 2 year old cousin for a little bit while my Aunt went to an appointment. He's a little delayed in his speech but is making excellent progress considering all the hurdles he's had in his life. He can copy what you say but never really says anything by himself unless it's "Numa" which means popsicle, "Nummy" which is gummies or "juice" "mommy's house" "toy store" "bounce" and my name, either Shannon or Nannon, Nonny, Mommy and Dada. But today he said HIS FIRST FULL SENTENCE! To ME!!!

I somehow managed to sit on the floor to play with him. He has a pop up Thomas The Train shaped tent that he was playing in. So I tapped on the outside of the door flap and said "knock knock knock" then he opened the flap and said "Hi! Come on in Shannon!" I was dumbfounded! I said "I can come in?" and he said "Yeah. Come in Shannon." Omg it was sooo cute!!! We had soooo much fun. I love that little guy so much!

And seriously, I specifically remember telling him he's not allowed to grow up! He needs to stay my little munch man forever. *sniff* He's almost 3!

Here's a picture from about a year and a half ago. I love this picture. It was one of the ones that covered my Biology binder.

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