Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Night Home For 2 Weeks

I'm fighting back tears! OMG I didn't think I would care or that it would bother me! I can't imagine not snuggling with my puppy for 2 whole weeks!!! She's gonna think I abandoned her! I'll still come home during the day every couple of days but she needs her nightly snuggles and rubs and her morning spooning session with her mama!!! And truth be told, I need that too. London is my baby.

At least she'll be able to enjoy the whole bed

Today I went shopping with my Grandma (who is better known as Nonny) and I got a ton of clothes from guess. They also gave me something money can't buy... The horrible realization that I have turned into a big fat pale whale. OMG! I NEED to lose weight, I looked gross in those clothes. I went up a size, ok, if we're honest more than that because it's still TIGHT! I would give anything to be able to run and really work out again. I feel like I'm drowning in blubber.

My knee is still in a good deal of pain from the other day but it's calming down a bit. I'm able to drive my car... It hurts a lot, but at least I can do it!

Well I have some serious snuggles to get in with London Muffin so I'm gonna call it a night. Nighty night!

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