Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Bunny!

This morning I went with Munchie to an Easter Egg Hunt. That meant I had to wake up super early to get ready and drive to my house to get him but that's ok cuz I love, love, love Munchie time! When I got there he was still asleep so I had to wake him up. He kept telling me "shhh" and pretended to snore, lol. So I put London in his crib and told him "London wants to say good morningg!" and he started laughing sooo hard. London gave him lots of kisses and he was ready to play with Nannon (me). So I got him out, got him ready and we headed out. When I was getting him dressed I had him laughing soooo hard. Seriously, is there anything cuter than baby laughs?

So we go to the Easter Egg Hunt and he was kind of shy at first but then he warmed up to it and we were off hunting eggs! He found 13! One was a special egg and he won a prize, a Pooh puzzle! He was stuck to me like glue all day. Especially when the Easter Bunny came. He didn't like that. He kept yelling "NO BUNNY!!!" but at the end he actually gave him a high five. I was proud. His Mom and Dad ended up coming too but he only wanted his Nannon. Such a fun time with him.

Looking for eggs

Kisses <3

After the egg hunt I came back to the kids I'm nannying (who are allowed to be left alone during the day) and I got my hair done. Sara ended up going shopping. She came back with some skanky clothes and I groaned. Her parents just don't care. Then she leaves wearing a SEE THROUGH SHIRT! Seriously. I told her to be back at 10:00, it's 10:17 right now. I am so stressed out with her. I am absolutely done with this. She is going to have a very miserable spring break now. The sad thing is she thinks of me as a friend and this is jeopardizing that relationship. I can't deal with the lack of respect. Well, she just walked in the door now, at 10:24, so I think I'm going to have to get off here, send her friend home and have another serious talk. Her friend must think I'm such a bitch. It's the same friend from Sunday who was here for all that drama. Ugh. At least I'm halfway through the 2 weeks now.

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